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Goodbye Group

After an 11 year run (pretty good, by any estimation), the comic strip I drew for Group Magazine has been discontinued.  The last one will appear in the upcoming issue.  They are in the process of a redesign…and I’m sure as any print magazine is doing, they are looking for ways to cut corners.  The idea is, they will check on reader feedback, and if there is a call for it, they’ll recommision the strip.  I have serious doubts that anyone will miss it.

Anyway…I thought I’d throw a few of the strips that DIDN’T make the cut…stuff no one ever got to see.

First is one that almost got me in trouble with the editor, who felt I was being too close to disrespectful toward pastors with it.  Go figure.  (click it for full size)

The next one is an earlier attempt at re-vamping the strip, maybe even dropping the main character (Brian, named after the youth pastor at Eastgate from the late 90’s to about ’06, who was my very first introduction to what a YP goes through.  The character looked nothing LIKE Brian though…he looked more like a guy named Vance who was the only YP I knew at the time I started the strip).  Anyway…this one was without Brian.

Finally, for this morning…here’s a rough of another (albeit, ridiculous) attempt at re-vamping the strip:

I’ll try to get around and post some of my favorite strips that have appeared through the years.  If you’re a YP, please feel free to use any of these.