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Surf art odds and ends

Been a while since I’ve updated.  I’ll put up some of the graphic novel project I was working on a little later.  Here are some surf paintings I’ve done recently.  They’ll also be put up on my Surf Art site, and a few of them are for sale.

This is a work in progress of a longboard (skateboard) design I did for Dustin Bryson

This is the final painting

“busted lip” done for Luke Benson

“Backside” – this one will be for sale on the Soulsurfer’s Surf Art site

“Heart and Soul” – another one for the surf art site.

Batman Shreds

batman shreds

This is a painting done from a screen capture off a Youtube video I was watching.  I sorta’ like it.  All Photoshop

I don’t really know how I found it…but on Youtube, I saw a clip from the 1967 Batman TV show, where Batman gets into a surf contest against the Joker.  Here’s a spoiler…Batman wins.  He wins because he got 50 points for spraying Bat-Shark Repellent at a shark that was inserted into the scene.  You go, Batman!  This was one of those classic surfer stereotypes of the 60’s.  Batman and Joker paddle out into a micro-surf swell…around knee high.  Then they both take off on the same wave, paddling on their knees (old school…and ouch)….but then we cut to the blue screen where Adam West and Cesar Romero act like they’re balancing on boards…and the wave on the screen behind them is double overhead.  Like I said…it’s classic stuff.

Anyway…if you care, the here’s the video too: