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Coron Island

Hey hey…thought I’d upload another Google Earth sketch crawl entry!  This one is from Coron Island, in the Philippines.  My sketches don’t do justice to the beauty of that place.coron island

Aleppo Citadel Tower, Haleb Syria

So…my Google Earth adventures took me to Syria…and a landmark that I was heretofore unfamiliar with…the Aleppo Citadel in Syria.  While the 360 photo had some interesting structures in it…I found myself drawn to the faces that were so prominently displayed there.  So…my sketches are mostly of faces and people.



I’m a big fan of Google Earth.  I could waste hours going over all the amazing sights that have been cataloged there.  It’s the poor-geeks version of being a world traveler.  So today, I thought of a cool sketching exercise I’m going to do.  I’m going to spin the globe in Google Earth, close my eyes, and stop it randomly.  Then I’ll zoom in (if I’ve stopped on a land mass, obviously), and find the closest street view, or 360degree photo…and sketch what I see.

So this morning, I took a quick trip to Alexandria, and did a few random sketches from Cornish St, and out at the coast.  What a fascinating place.  The sketches aren’t very good…but maybe if I keep at this, I’ll get better as I go?