14-the-great-wide-open.jpg surf.jpg satan-dont-surf2.jpg urlacher2.jpg taking-a-stand.jpg nofleshsurvive.jpg brushpractice.jpg 2whatelseisoutthere.jpg frumptious-pirate.jpg 7rabbits.jpg 7gropingthruthepast.jpg hollow2.jpg untouchable.jpg cannon.jpg angry-fish.jpg pow.jpg

4 thoughts on “Illustrations”

  1. You just have too much fun!
    Don’t think me strange, but I think my favorites are ‘taking a stand’ and ‘no flesh survives’. Really love the perspective.
    Nah, I can’t pick a favorite!! One of each, please. 😉

  2. Mr. Woodrum,

    I have a work of yours that depicts 3 firemen hoisting the american flag above the rubble of 911. They all have angel wings.

    I noticed other firemen in some of your illustrations have this remarkable distinction.

    Thank you so much.

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