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Sneak Peek

I’m currently awaiting a script to draw another graphic novella for vOM. While I’m waiting, I drew a sample page inspired by the book it is based on. Probably can’t share any more details than that…and this page isn’t from any script – so it’s basically just to provide an example of my approach to the story artistically.

VOM sample page

On My Day Off

 I try to keep Mondays open for a day off…so yesterday I painted something to go in the dining room Robbie’s been working on to make cohesive.  For 25 years of marriage, we’ve seldom had any kind of unified decoration or decent looking room…until recently.  Now we have a nice dining room table, actual curtains on the window (which Robbie ingeniously made) and an honest to goodness color theme.  So…trying to do my part, I painted a painting that incorporated some of the major colors she has working in her china and other stuff.  My other camera broke…so I shot this one off my phone, and it’s not very good, but you get the idea.


This is actually the second painting on that canvas…the first one I tried to do for her I had overworked to the point of hilarity.  It had a terrible composition (not saying this one is good, but it’s better than the last)…competing styles…it was a mess.  I kept thinking “if I just do this or that, maybe I can salvage it.”  Finally, my daughter Jessica came and scrutinized it with an honest eye and said “you better sand this off and start over.”

Which I did.  And I’m glad I did.  The above took about 2 hours total (after the sanding), which I think I’m a lot more comfortable with.  If I have too long with a painting, I tend to smother it (think Tommy Boy with the muffin).