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sketch of the pass

I got a chance to go surfing yesterday.  Larry Buchanan loaned me a wetsuit that is probably the most awesome, unemcumbersome wetsuit I have ever worn.  It totally changed my view of winter surf.  When I invest in a new wetsuit, it will have to be one like that.  Anyway…it was fun. 

Here’s a sketch of a painting I may still do sometime…it’s the pass when it’s going off.


Random Sketchyness

One thing I’ve been adamant to do in my mind is aggressively reconstruct my image of Jesus.  I want to completely reject (in my imagination) the blond haired, blue eyed icon we’ve grown up with.  I want to see Jesus as a Jewish person in 1st century Palestine.  So…whenever I get the chance to randomly scribble in my moleskine, I draw what my mind conjures up concerning The Hero.


Welcome to My New Site!

Well…I finally did it.  I sat down and tried to organize the jumbled mess that is my web presence.  It was no easy task, let me tell you.  It took several machetes and I lost three guides along the way to quicksand.  Anyway…Here I am.  The old “Real Soul Surfing” site will no longer be valid…and I’m planning on moving my main website to this place.  So far, I’m liking it better! 

So…anyway…here’s a Photoshop sketch of an acrylic painting I did on my Christmas vacation: