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Broome, Australia

I just got done with a Google Earth adventure…this time I landed in Broome Australia.  I appeared on Short St., at what looked like a roundabout, or a small town square.  It was a street that dead-ended into a mangrove forest.  It actually reminded me of where I live in Florida.  Except for the mangroves, of course.  I ambled down the road to a point where the Broome Lighthouse is, and did a little drawing there.  All in all it was a nice trip.  Cheers Broome!



I’m a big fan of Google Earth.  I could waste hours going over all the amazing sights that have been cataloged there.  It’s the poor-geeks version of being a world traveler.  So today, I thought of a cool sketching exercise I’m going to do.  I’m going to spin the globe in Google Earth, close my eyes, and stop it randomly.  Then I’ll zoom in (if I’ve stopped on a land mass, obviously), and find the closest street view, or 360degree photo…and sketch what I see.

So this morning, I took a quick trip to Alexandria, and did a few random sketches from Cornish St, and out at the coast.  What a fascinating place.  The sketches aren’t very good…but maybe if I keep at this, I’ll get better as I go?


England Sketchbook

Well…it’s been forever since I’ve posted here…but I, like every other delinquent blogger, intend to change that now.  Some exciting things have been developing with artistic opportunities….but I’ll wait until things are more solidified before I mention them.

For now…here are a few scans from my sketchbook-journal I kept during the trip my wife Robbie and I took to England for our 25th anniversary.

Six-String Samurai

Ok…so one day off, while I was sitting at my computer with my sketchbook…and I watched this really lame movie on Netflix called “Six-string Samurai“.  Seriously, it was beyond terrible…but I used it as a sketching exercise anyway.  As I watched the movie, I drew images that caught my interest using my Pentel brush pen.  No pencil sketching…just drawing with the brush as fast as I could while I still remembered the image I liked.  Anyway…here’s a page from my sketchbook from that day.

sixstring samurai sketches