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Rescue the Captors

I’ve just spent the last few months penciling, inking and coloring a 28 page graphic novella for VOM and Clash Entertainment. It’s a story about Russell Stendal who was captured by Colombian guerrillas and held hostage. Ben Avery adapted the story for comics – I’m honored to be able to work with him.  Here are a few random panels that I liked, a few panels in black and white and some of the pre-production character sketches. I penciled and inked the story entirely in Manga Studio 5 and colored in Photoshop (though, Manga Studio 5 is such an outstanding program, I think the next time I’ll do everything in that). It was fun working all digitally – but it leaves me with no hard copies of anything…which is sort of strangely sad to me for some reason. Anyway here are the images:






bang bang


A Few Sketchbook Pages

I’ve been doing my best to keep drawing everyday.  So far I’ve filled up a few sketchbooks, and I have a total of 8 currently that I will randomly grab and draw in.  I like to use a brush pen to sketch with…I prefer it to markers and even to pencils…though I’ve been trying to train myself to pencil things more often.  I just like the way a brush feels…I think I can be more loose in my work using it…but obviously, my draftsmanship suffers.  Anyway…here are a few random pages to share with you.

Also…I should mention that my brush of choice is the black or gray Pentel brush pen...the cheap one.  I have the Pentel pocket brush which I use a lot…but the ink isn’t as dark as the cheaper Pentel brush pen, so I tend to grab it first.  What do you use to sketch with?

Batman: Hobo

Over at Comics Alliance there was an article done by Laura Hudson and David Wolkin about the insanity that is Neal Adam’s “Batman: Odyssey” .  In the process of said article, the two of them proposed a different comic…Batman: Hobo…where Batman is a homeless guy, the batcave is a cardboard box, catwoman is…well…a cat, you get the idea.

I laughed out loud when I read it…and determined this kind of brilliance had to come to light.  Problem is…it made me too sad.  Poor Batman.  So here are some of the concepts I did for a project I will never really do.