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Rabbi Encounters Chapter 7

Nick DemosWell…after a 4 month hiatus, I now have a new page uploaded to Rabbi Encounters, and a new chapter beginning to emerge in my mind.  I’m pretty stoked about this one…but it will be very dialogue driven…not tons of action like the “surf” chapter.  Go check it out for me!

On that same subject, the first 4 chapters of Rabbi Encounters can be downloaded at Wowio for free.  Wowio is a site which features electronic versions of books..all kinds of books…including comic books and graphic novels.  If you go sign up for a free account and download Rabbi Encounters…I think it actually pays the artist/author….somehow.  Anyway…you got nothing to lose, and it could help me out, so please download Rabbi Encounters (and anything by Community Comics and Dean Rankine while you’re at it).