T-Shirt Designs

Well…I’ve been busy lately.  I’ve started working freelance for a local screen print company called Inktrax.  A couple of my friends work there who suggested asking me to help fill out their sizable backlog of orders.  They’re really talented guys, and I feel way out of my league working with them (especially working with type and fonts).  Anyway…here’s a design I did for a local surf shop’s t-shirt line.

Here’s the final art:

In other news…the new owner of Oatmeal Studios Greeting Cards contacted me after finding my old file lying around somewhere.  We’re already working on two new cartoons for cards!  Exciting stuff!

7 thoughts on “T-Shirt Designs”

  1. Whoah! This design is nice! Love it. 🙂 Btw I saw the oatmeal greeting cards website says their always looking for artists to design greeting cards for them, how can I contact them?:o

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